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Behance Portfolio

Maybe it’s a little premature, but I wanted to get the ball rolling on the production of my portfolio. As a starting point I’ve moved my three finished series onto Behance.

And you can view them here:


Lovely Rebekah

Lovely Rebekah

Recently I asked my friend and brilliant artist, Penny, if she would mind letting me into her home to photograph her most intimately special possessions for one of my uni assignments. 

As I pilfered through ornaments, magnificent rings and even a tiny opal cat, looking for a direction to take, Penny said:

"The thing I love most about this jewellery box is that everything inside it is special to me in some way - every item has an interesting story”. Something about that comment really resonated with me and made me remember that everybody has treasure, and a reason for dearly keeping the things they do. 

My aim for the resulting five images is to exemplify the significance and value of heritage, culture and family in developing an understanding of who we are as individuals and how we come to be as we are through the exploration of Penny’s own personal treasures.

If you’d like to find out more about Penny and her art, jewellery and textiles work, please visit her blog: min-pin.tumblr.com


The End

The End

Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Wiggle wiggle wiggle

curly whirly girly

curly whirly girly

Nature boy

Nature boy


Many moons ago, I decided to make the second volume to my zine, “We Who Were” open for submissions. It took more time than I anticipated to pull the whole thing together, but I finally have a finished product that I hope showcases the wonderful artists that took the time to send me their work.

We Who Were Volume II includes work from:

Chris Vargas 
Lisa Gree 
Esther Adaire 
Jordan Tiberio 
Holly Pearson 
Michelle S. 
Bridgette Annalyse 
Lindsay Watson 
PJ Charmichael 
The Love Parcel
& Anonymous Sources

We Who Were II is a collection of love letters, prose, photography, poetry, texts, emails, drawings, and journal entries all surrounding the themes of love lost, love remaining, and above all- love never to be forgotten.

The zine offers textures and layers and interactive elements that stray from the conventional zine form. My goal was to have this zine read as if it were a long lost art journal, papers found in the back of a junk drawer, or ancient life artifacts hidden in dusty boxes on hard to reach shelves.

Find it Here

My wonderful e-friend, Miranda, from the States just released another magnificent zine! Better still, she even featured my film photography!

My recommendation would be to get your hands on pretty much anything Miranda (The Love Parcel) produces as everything she puts her time into is produced with the utmost love and emanates her delicate sensibility and caring, creative nature.

I’m so pleased to be a part of this project


The paranormal entities behind Ghost Car, 
Photo by the amazing Jasmine Connors

The paranormal entities behind Ghost Car

Photo by the amazing Jasmine Connors